A brand-new interactive visitor experience in Liverpool has opened its famous red gates to the public for the first time. Experience designers Cubit3D invited our team at StudioLR to help create the visitor experience at The Salvation Army’s Strawberry Field Project.

As Strawberry Field welcomes the public, the red gates open new job opportunities to young adults with learning disabilities, and visitors can interactively experience stories about John Lennon’s childhood.

Their space – it matters to us
The Project also sets the scene for The Salvation Army to counter another of Lennon’s famous lyrics, “It doesn’t matter much to me” with “it matters to us” which is reproduced in the exhibition and the café.

In 1934, The Salvation Army was gifted the Strawberry Field, Victorian house and grounds. A few years later it became a children’s home for girls and then boys and has provided some of Liverpool’s most vulnerable children a safe place for many years.

Fast forward to the present
Developed by The Salvation Army, and in partnership with The City of Liverpool College and local employers, the ‘Steps to Work Programme’ aims to allow young adults with learning difficulties the opportunity to gain the skills and experience they may not have access to elsewhere.

The Salvation Army has identified that there is a gap with national government programmes – 93% of the one million people with learning difficulties in the UK are unemployed. Barriers are now being broken through The Salvation Army’s scheme as these young people have the support to unlock their full potential. 

StudioLR Designer, Nicola Laurie says: “Once you get there, you see that it has a bigger purpose than remembering Lennon and his story. The Salvation Army has made it a place that helps people and does some good.”

Continuing Lennon’s Legacy
It was at Strawberry Field that John Lennon was inspired. As a child, he would often play in the grounds. Subsequently, the song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’, was penned. Lennon found sanctuary at Strawberry Field, and this is ensured to continue; with a new hub allowing trainees to develop their skills, socialise, and ultimately move into future employment.

Dave King, our Design Director says: “Strawberry Field inspired Lennon, and The Salvation Army is allowing this to continue for the young children of Liverpool for future generations to come.”

Your space
A mural of Lennon’s face created from built up pictures of the public is also on display; allowing the space to be the public’s as well as The Salvation Army’s. This is expected to develop and grow as more people donate to have their face appear on the wall.

Strawberry Field celebrates pop culture and nostalgia – while supporting the charity through donations and visits. Our team has really enjoyed being part of the creation of such a significant place where Lennon’s words will continue to resonate … “Strawberry Fields Forever”.