Shortlisted for two Scottish Design Awards and a The Nods award, our brand identity and marketing campaign for The D-Day Story are attracting a new audience to the museum.

The rebrand aimed to move perceptions on from ‘just a military museum’, to help keep the stories alive among a younger generation.

Our Associate, brand strategist Scott Sherrard worked with everyone from veterans to volunteers, and councillors to students, to find out what the D-Day Story meant to them.

“It’s about real people who acted heroically not heroes”, “it’s not a military story” and “it’s not about remembrance”. These were all defining messages that came out of early sessions with stakeholders.

The resulting brand identity is built on juxtaposition – the epic operation, the personal experiences, the darkness of war, the light relief. The new name, the logo, the colours and the copywriting all play on that juxtaposition. Never losing their focus on the human side of the story.

At first glance, the logo looks like a bullet hole, a rip in a uniform, a barbed wire tear, but if you look closely you’ll spot the coastlines of England and France, with distressing around the areas most boats left from and arrived at.

The copywriting opens with something expected and then offers a second perspective that sheds new light on the story. The aim was to be relatable and thought provoking – what would you feel like if you were involved?

The poster series brings new life to archive imagery, with colour and text layouts that reinforce the juxtaposition. Which helps The D-Day Story stand out as a vibrant, modern visitor experience.

Shortlisted for the 2019 The Nods awards for Best Out of Home

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