We’re always up for a challenge and quite enjoy being pushed out of our comfort zones. In that spirit we’re trying a few things out over the coming weeks. We’ll be taking turns to have a go at the challenges below and would love to hear from anyone else who wants to try them. Let us know how you get on and we’ll report back on our findings…

1. Get up, stand up
Spend at least 2 hours of each working day standing up, for a week. Standing burns calories, improves posture, increases blood flow and makes you feel more assertive and energised. Make it easy by standing up for four 30-minute chunks or try standing up every time you make a phone call.

2. Don’t mention the weather
It’s a predictable opener for every meeting and every morning – can we avoid it for a week? Making a real connection with somebody through stimulating, thoughtful conversation is good for your health and happiness. Relish the challenge of getting to know them a bit better.

3. Try a Digital Sabbath
No internet connection, no laptops, computers, tablets or smartphones for a whole day. The great outdoors and a great book will help with this one (I’d recommend the Alan Partridge autobiography). Spending time outdoors can significantly decrease stress, reduce anger and fear, and increase pleasant feelings.

4. Write to your friends
Send a handwritten postcard to a different friend or family member every day for a week. Taking the time and effort to write to someone (especially someone who doesn’t have the internet or a mobile) is a gesture that will be sure to put smiles on faces. I’m not sure if the biggest challenge is making my handwriting legible or thinking of something interesting to say.

Good luck!


Dave King