7 tips to get your team behind your brand

Are you rebranding and worried about keeping your team motivated? Worry not! We’ve put together a free PDF with 7 tips to help get your team behind your brand. 

This week’s tip sadly means putting away the top hat and waistcoat…

Who’s brand is it anyway?

“Volatile times are only scary for the powerless. If people feel like they can influence their own future they can move mountains.”
Nigel Girling

Crisis or no crisis, we’ve found this to ring true.

If you’re working on a rebrand, bring people along on the journey, don’t wait til the end to show them the big reveal of ‘your’ big idea, or ‘your’ new direction. If you want it to succeed, the direction has to be theirs.

The easiest way is to involve people in hands-on workshop situations – answering questions, giving opinions, working up ideas. Let people be honest and get hopes, fears, issues and strong opinions out in the open early. They’re not a bad thing! These are great fuel and often trigger original, authentic ideas.

Let people get involved in the idea

The bonus result of doing this is that more brains end up working on making the ideas better. In the less-collaborative way of working, most brains are just used to ‘sense-check’ an idea. Working together boosts your chances of coming out with a high impact, creative idea.

Of course, we’re not talking about creative by committee. At some point you need to ruthlessly believe in, and drive, an idea. But by that point you should have all the input you need to make your team believe in it too.

For more free tips, download the PDF.