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Month / April 2015

Written Off

My handwriting has gone to pot. My writing style isn’t even consistent these days – so much so that I hardly recognise it myself. And if handwriting is an expression of personality then maybe I should face up to the decline of that too! 

We spend much more time these days typing than using a pen so will future generations ever really need to put a pen to paper? It’s a sad fact that cursive handwriting has been slowly disappearing from classrooms around the world in recent years.  

Nice, flowing handwriting oozes personality in a way that a typeset letter never can (even if it’s set in Comic Sans) so pick up your favourite pen and get some practise in with good old-fashioned letter writing. Everybody loves receiving a handwritten letter in a handwritten envelope – it means much more than a text message or hideous chat acronyms and text shorthand.

Of course us designers will always keep a pen close by – nothing tops the thrill of sharing an idea scribbled on a scrap of paper.

Photo: The beautiful handwriting of our client and friend Charles Maclean


Lucy Richards

We’ve all got a Spring in our step…

We’ve all got a Spring in our step and there’s excitement to share:

  • Dave nominated (again) for the ‘Rising Creative Star’ category in The Marketing Society Star Awards.
  • Delightful new branding commission for the National Trust for Scotland.
  • 4 (yes 4) nominations in the Scottish Design Awards.
  • Strategic wayfinding/signage commission for the University of Edinburgh.
  • Appointment to the design team bidding for the new hospital on Orkney.

And we’ll soon be launching a new product to improve everybody’s experience in dementia care environments.

That’s our news. Please tell us yours.


#3 Do-Good Friday

At StudioLR we get up in the morning to make a difference in the world.

We love to challenge convention and firmly believe that design is the most powerful tool we can use to effect positive change. Of course! 

So, for Good Friday we’ve been looking at the work we’re doing that will really do some goodAnd we’re pleased to say that most of what we get up to fits the bill.

There’s the signage we’ve designed with the help of Edinburgh and Stirling University to increase independence in dementia care environments; and the health intervention campaign that encourages NHS staff outside to get active during the working day; there’s the transformational change project that encourages a whole workforce to put the customer first; and the hospital wayfinding project where we’ve removed all medical ‘ology’ words from signs for clear, simple, stress-free visitor journeys.

We’ll share each of these projects with you as they launch over the coming months. In the meantime here’s something that might inspire you – we’ll offer a nice prize to the best do-gooder.

Doing something good for somebody else is good for you too. Psychologists call it the ‘helper’s high’ and it can help you live a longer, healthier and infinitely happier life.

Wishing you all a very Good Friday.