Inspiring Minds – Q&A for Lucymss

The best advice I ever got “Be yourself (because everybody else is taken). Never try to be something you’re not, or do things in a way that’s just not you.”

The worst advice I ever got “To be successful in the design business you need to free pitch.”

Don’t underestimate The commercial power of great design.

Don’t over estimate That what seems obvious to you won’t always be obvious to others.

My golden rule Challenge convention.

My biggest influence My parents, both architects, whose influence gave me a sense of purpose, a sense of humour and a healthy social conscience.

The smartest business idea I’ve ever had Developing design that addresses the challenge of an ageing population, ‘The Silver Tsunami’.

The experience that taught me the most That anyone can run a marathon if they really want to. Anything is possible.

The leader I most admire and why Current thought leaders I most admire: Sir Harry Burns, Blair Enns, Josh Littlejohn – they have all given me something great to think about!

What I am reading and book(s) I would highly recommend Right now I’m reading ‘More Human’ by Steve Hilton – designing a world where people come first. The book I would recommend everyone reads is ‘The Pigeon’ by Patrick Suskind.

And in my presentation I plan to talk about: – Challenging convention through innovative design – Case Study: design for an ageing population, the journey so far.

Please do join us – 7th Sep, 4pm

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